Entrepreneurship, innovation and the drive of individual citizens are the main components of a market economy. Airplanes, personal computers and even paper clips derived from the desires of people who believed they could improve society through great ideas that made day-to-day life more efficient. The same goes for folks who created businesses that delivered goods and services in which people are better served such as Montessori schools, medical centers and online shopping.
I have always been fascinated by the concept of business and entrepreneurship with a continued eye toward immersing myself further in what has become a global economy. In 2008 I opened my own start-up dental practice in Des Moines, Iowa, followed by the acquisition of a functioning rural dental practice in 2010 in Albia, Iowa. Both businesses gave me the chance to gain firsthand experience in creating and operating a company. There were always challenges but each trial was an opportunity to learn and every year our businesses were able to grow as we built upon the successes each milestone begat. In 2014 I sold both practices to join my wife in Colorado where she was participating in her medical residency.
I began the Executive Master of Business Administration curriculum through the Washington State University Carson College of Business in 2015 to foster an academic foundation of business as well as network with other entrepreneurs. The program allowed me to further my business acumen and gain even more wisdom of the business world.
I am actively seeking opportunities not just in dentistry but also in all aspects of business. I look forward to my next entrepreneurial challenge and sustained involvement in the global market.